Who's In A Tree?

6 Great Reasons to Bring a Mural Tree Into Your Life


1. Paint a tree in the nursery: because a tree is gender neutral, sheltering & gentle

Kid's: the babies grow and they're going to want different things. A tree is an awesome backdrop for many adventures.

2. A tree makes a Superior decoration on the side of your public works building: as even adults like trees. They bring us a sense of peace and calm.  We especially love them in January when we barely remember being surrounded by green wavy light.

<click to see video>

3. Down the hall: murals are wonderful in hallways since they don't get knocked off kilter when the kids careen through with their friends, or a long wall in your business that needs a lift without adding physical stuff to the environment.

4. Trees are infinity customizable: We can recognize a tree... even if it made out of pots and pans. Here's a sculptural one by Mike Helsing, and a rainbow tree with a cloud of butterflies that I painted in a children's room a few years back: 


So go for it - make the tree out of whatever you like!

5. In a bathroom: you can surround yourself with the forest in a small room. Here's a Tuscan-themed bathroom, with a big tree nicely anchoring the toilet.

6. Use a tree as part of a reading nook or play space. The tree shows us space, draws us into our imaginations: beyond the walls.

and to help make it happen...