My Grossest Email Newsletter

I'm experimenting here. Writing, revealing more of personal fears/hopes. Risk of offending by not being nice.

If you read this & don't unsubscribe then you probably have a sense of humor and some kind of experience with the gritty parts of life. Which I really like - the part where we not just cope with the unpleasantness, but find a way to gain strength, understanding & empathy from what happened.

And an excellent email title! Gross... what happened?


Remember Me?
Yeah - not your wastebasket. Phew.

It was at the doctor's office, and you know what? They DID all remember me! I'd gone in for a new medication that I was really nervous about. I hate needles, let alone the idea of stabbing myself with one on a regular basis – and I was scared about the whole upping-the-treatment thing.

It wasn't too bad, really. And apparently passing out a bit and throwing up is a "vagus nerve response" that they weren't too alarmed by. An overstimulated fight-or-flight thing. They were very nice and calm about it, I was mortified. But, yes, they did remember me.

Which is quite good really. I had more questions the next day.

And I like being remembered & interacting with other people as if I am a person, not just ... "Next...". We all do, eh?

So I'm going to change style on you here in email land as you are probably just as bored out of your tree reading standard "offer" emails as I am in writing them.

You'll get a bit of goofiness, an occasional oddball point-of-view, and maybe some advice from my Grandmother. I'll still let you know about offers and suchlike, exhibitions, what's new... scroll down for that. But with any luck I'll also give you a bit of a grin as well. And no more puke stories. Promise.

You want to hear what's new? I'm doing some free work with nonprofit organizations.

Why - and the what's-not-new that spurred this into being: I have an enduring dislike of Art Fairs. Mostly to do with my great dislike of getting overheated, which happens at around 80°F onwards. That's 26.667°C in New Zealand. Here in Chicago? That's most of summer. Gahhh! Anyone who has been around me in such conditions quickly comes to dislike my company, including me.

But yet long days under a hot tent are part of the standard practice of Being An Artist. How else am I going to showcase my work to new people, explore what they react to? How can I see their reactions in person, collect email addresses & connect with my audience? 

Then I got a call from Treehouse, they're a nonprofit humane society ...
with a focus on the care and placement of stray cats with special physical and emotional needs."

At first I got my back up thinking, ergh, cool people but I can't run around doing stuff for free and they really need their money to go to the things they DO!"

But then my brain kicked in & figured THIS COULD BE MY ART FAIRS! I which case, yeah, I can run around doing stuff for free.

How much time & money goes into making enough work to show? Carting it around, repairing damages, setting up, being polite and friendly to people all day even though it's hot, being knocked-out tired for a couple of days afterward, paying booth fees, dismantling, unpacking at home, travel, parking fees... HELL YES I can do stuff for free.

As long as I can get those same goals met: showcase my work, explore new markets and reactions, collect email addresses & connect with my audience.THAT'S the main point. Hah!

So I can run around talking to people I admire, who are doing things I think are important, and say "Hey - would you like to commission me to do some Fine Art for you?"

You tell me what's important, what's the feel & vision & emphasis that you and your community really value? I can do the painting for you, you can auction it off or keep it, and I'll have prints available online as well... and I'll donate 10% back to your organization.

You don't fork out any money to do this fundraising thing. You're doing something arty and different. The art is uniquely tailored to your work and mission.

I do ask that you send out 3 emails (intro, offer, reminder) for some rah-rah value but you don't give me your people's contact info or anything. If I connect with your vision we all win. You get another fundraising avenue at no monetary cost. Your donors get art that pleases them as it reflects their values as well as supporting you, and I get to skip Art Fair season. Yippee!

So here are my current projects, expect to hear soon about:
  • Cara: Let's Get To Work!(that's their bell: rung with success)
  • Treehouse Humane Society
  • Main Stay Therapeutic Farm (horses plus, and therapy)


And yes, I'm still doing a few murals, faux finishes, and admiring Irving Park's pigeons!

Take a look through some of my artwork online to buy prints from an artist working to connect with what matters. Hope, beauty, connection, goodness, love, possibilities... the reasons we keep going, the places we find inspiration and courage in the face of change.

- cheers!