Ranting and Raving: Spring!

Flowers, leaf buds, rain & garden mud. Art.

applying plaster texture to art

I had a sunshine-inspired day last week & took myself outside to work for a bit. Quite novel, really! Sunshine that wasn't too hot, and I get to play with my Mud of Choice (Versiplast) for another Chicago city skyline scene.

I'm still working on Chicago paintings and looking for exhibition spaces. The latest newly-posted-painting for sale on my website is currently running around with a fairly functional but uninspiring name: "Panel City". If you have any good name ideas = please = let me know!

Chicago skyline, old real estate panels & some dumpster finds. Lots of nice texture.

Around 5' wide & 4' high, it's a good sized piece with a lot of the things I've been working on lately coming together in a happy way. Rust stains, some detail but not too much, asymmetrical composition, and some really nice shimmery/crusty textures going on. 

On the mural front I've been working with Paul Minnihan now and again, and a few other IDAL folk (International Decorative Artisans League)(some cool people in the local chapter). We painted another KidSnips location last month, on Clybourn. That is the bright strié and zap-pow shapes with drop shadows. Then, for a completely different look, a quick round up in Forest Lake with Dee Benish for a solarium and faux marble that she has been working on. It's really great to be able to work with other artists - Chicago has some very talented and experienced people. They have cool tricks, too! And they are friendly. Very awesome.

Paula, Bill Moran, Patricia Stein, Paul Minnihan. All clever artist people!


Glaze on, strié off!

... and a nice drop shadow to finish up  :-)

BTW - they do happen to have some very neat toys, at KidSnips. All the locations. There's some very clever buying going on as they seem to manage to get good basics as well as fun goofy things and some smart stuff. Like "Unicorn Poo - You Have To Get Your Hands On It".

Keep an eye out for some different fun formats coming from In A Jungle... I've been learning how to use some of the social media platforms together. Still a bit clunky at the moment, but it turns out you can do some cool tricks with FB Messenger. Sort of like a mini choose-your-own-adventure thing.

Ooo. And.

As a silly byproduct I have started recording "Metro Meditations For Fun and Sanity in the City" - audio tracks of guided meditations. Sort of. Sort of the kind of odd thoughts that go thru my head as I paint, too. Meditation suggestions welcome.

Anyway! Have a great time out there in the world,


- Paula