Pigeons on Turkey Day

Swirling pigeons of Irving Park    

I've always liked painting birds, and I have a suspicious amount of pictures of interesting rust & grime in my photo albums. Combining both into a new series didn't happen immediately, though. I had thoughts of the backs of trucks...

back of truck  Back of another truck

Maybe interesting Chicago surfaces like doorways? The El supports? Railings?

Doorway on Pulaski Rd, Chicago 


Chicago El supports


 Rust stains on concrete from railing, Metra stop Chicago

Mmm, but wildlife is interesting. Commuters? Birds?  Ooo yeah, birds!

Starlings painting in process

Birds do interesting things.

Well - then there was more work to do with preparing some blank surfaces. I found some misprint real estate signs at a junkyard & riveted them together in the sizes I wanted, then proceeded to cover them in goop. Adhesion! Durability!

Preparing the surface - mmm epoxy! 

 Grit and epoxy

  Outdoor studio on our back patio 

And back to content... back to the look. 


Chicago rust 

Chicago's rust

My rust

My painted/plaster rust