Are You Out of Your Tree?

It's not just Darwin, though. Sometimes us humans might want to spread the feeling around the room a bit, share the joy. I know - I haven't written much about murals lately - been all tied up with figuring out the art panels - but I do like trees & wildflowers.  Painted or real - and seeing things turn green lately is a pleasant surprise. Funny that - every year a surprise! 

Here's a wild and happy corner in a nursery, West Loop, Chicago. 

and ferns and flowers bring in some softness and nice bright colors, Northbrook, IL.

Or: not even on the wall. Here is a detail shot of a stylized bouquet of lavendar and jasmine flowers painted directly on a handmade wooden headboard. I was a bit nervous with this one since it was with stains directly on the raw wood. No room for mistakes or corrections. But it turned out lovely - a very beautiful job of wood craftsmanship from a father for his daughter.