OMG Originals at Last!

I kept putting this off, and yikes, now I know why! There's always one more thing to do, right?

So I'm still working out all the kinks, but it is very exciting. I can offer originals... always nice, who doesn't want to have the real thing, right? I can also offer prints on a variety of media. Love that. That means you don't have to part with a ton of money to get something of mine if you really like it. You can get a Fine Art paper print - excellent, or a print on stretched canvas. Personally, I like the prints on metal. That's cool! 


But, I've only had the print options up so far. Because to list the originals I needed to figure out shipping and sales tax and all that jazz. Yeuch. A little off-putting when I was still wrapping my head around the whole new-website thing. But I've just started on that thrilling road, with my new Chicago City series. Yippee! You'll now see a new tab on some of the pieces, to the right, saying "Original". Whup, there it is!


You get the image you chose, the happy print options, and if you click on the first tab to the right... and whaddya know?!? I've also put a few in-process shots and sometimes a video or something so you can see that whole evolution thing a bit.


I have 3 originals up there right now as I'm writing this. And another I'll put up today. They're all the new City paintings. I'm planning to have more up before April 14th as I'm running another one of those raffle things. So go tell a friend or family member that you'd love them to sign up for this artist's newsletter & if they win the print it would make an excellent birthday present for you.

But what really has me turning happy figurative cartwheels is that I can WORK them pixels! Pixels are awesome! 

By this I mean that I can run through a painting in Photoshop when I'm editing the big high-resolution images for the prints and crop out a bunch of squares in areas that I think are interesting. A bunch of squares, all from one painting. Or even - several different paintings. Hah! Then I can play around with them in different combinations until I get some combinations that I think work nicely together. You know - a one-foot-square one of this, an eight-inch of the other, ooo, look, I can get an 18" of this one, and three from the other painting and voilá! 

Yeah, yeah, whatever, Paula. 

No - this is cool!

See, now you're not stuck with a fixed composition. So you buy one of these sets of arty block things (or whatever I'm going to end up calling them that sounds better than that) (got any suggestions?), you buy the set and put it up where you planned in that nice horizontal asymmetrical way. Cool! Then 5 years later you move, right, and your new house has lots of nice open space but not so many walls and not so many big walls and you really have to put up the 3 big paintings you have from Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Meredith on those. That's OK. You DO have this interesting space where 2 walls meet. Nothing happening over there. So you can put your arty print block set thingo up there! Just reorganize it. Maybe it's vertical this time. Maybe it goes around the corner so it's on both walls. That'd be interesting.

Options! You've got options!

You could even hide the thermostat (that some dingbat placed in the middle of the wall) in the middle of your blocks (especially if you've got a power-pole theme going) (then it's Art). Or put 2 of them in the bathroom and arrange the others vertically in the den. 

You can turn a standard painting, and its mates from its series, into your own very flexible composition. I'm still working on this, OK? But there should be yet another excited email heading your way in the near future saying - HEY! I DID IT! THEY'RE UP! and there will be another tab to the right on some of those paintings.

So please keep tabs on me, and wish me luck with all this website wrangling!

:-) Paula