Metro Meditation #2: Charging and Connection

I value sanity quite highly, but I find it very easy to get irritated with the holdups that assail my day, I get impatient with other people having their lives at their pace (whether faster or slower than me) as we cross paths, even though I also know full well that being in a big city is being in need of even more patience and tolerance.

Goodness, if I got my knickers in a knot over every little thing with a different energy I'd be in a right state, even before lunch. 

Diversity is one of the great richnesses of Chicago. With that diversity comes an enormous array of people crossing your path in different ways. Everyone's in a hurry. Everyone has a lot to do in their day. And they don't do things exactly Right the way your mama taught you. What's more... they probably feel the same way about you. Yikes. What makes that numbnuts nincompoop think it's OK to pass on the right like that?

Intolerance doesn't help the world flow nicely  - but paying attention to the joys and energies around and within us can. And help us appreciate the energies of different people, even if they are at cross-purposes to our own.


Throw in an unexpected delay, a bit of road construction, and some body who doesn't communicate on the same wavelength as you and sanity starts to slip and give way to paranoid City ire. Which isn't always so helpful.

It's often more helpful to remember that sh*t happens, and everyone else is doing their best to have a day and do their stuff. They're not really out to get you. The Universe is not really trying to rain on your day. It may just be knocking on your door, saying, "Hey, you in there!... You could do with a little grounding, see? I push you a little and you're like as to go down from that one little push! C'mon - sit down & take a breath. Look around. Center yourself."

So here's my day's re-routing, a little happy-thought-alternative instead of a grumble... 

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