Live Studio Tour

Its gonna get me


I am all wound up - I just did a Live Studio Tour, live video on Facebook. My studio is in the basement of our new house, and I'm thrilled to pieces to finally have the space to do all the things that I dream up. Well. Ok - not everything. I'd need a barn, with a team of willingly crazy other arty/construction types to play with. But goodness! I am not a public-speaking person! It was kind of fun though... the inevitability of the next minute & the things I wanted to say as clearly as possible without tripping over myself too much. EEeek!


Live Tour

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Paula Talking  old real estate signs
So this here is the blog, and the longer version of events, which can include some of the lead-up & pics a live video doesn't provide.

Studio Evolution

It took me about 6 months or so after moving to feel like I could get as far as using my new studio. You know - unpacking, the things we felt we needed to have done in the main house, painting, electrical work, etc. Since then I have been expanding & adapting how I use the spaces (3 rooms). Paint storage and sample making is one room that has stayed fairly consistent in it's layout. The front Arty room with the nice light has seen a great amount of things come and go. Very good. As it should be. The ever-changing part has been the Project room. This started out as a spray booth and sanding area (with separating curtains)... morphed into a drying room quickly one week with a KidSnips mural job (I had to hang the painted wallpaper pieces up to dry), did a quick stint as one big room for the making of our 4' x 6' study table, went back to a spray room to practice airbrushing flames. Etc. A room of many uses. I think the main thing I do is continuously clean up! Then make another mess. I put in some ped miles going backwards and forwards with putting paint & tools away then taking different ones out when the clean space inspires me to do another project.


Underpass Art

The latest series I've put up on this site is the pigeons, or "Underpass Art".  Its inspiration has been the lovely and varied rust & grime stains decorating the embankments and retaining walls around Chicago. Walls that used to be painted white, at one point in their lives, but have since acquired the paths of the history of rainfall, the passage of pigeons and accumulation of trash, grit & grime. We fly past every day, back & forth on our commute, often oblivious to the records we pass on the walls beside us. The pigeons are there more consistently than we are, and they see the day change thru its course. As I was working on the paintings (do you still call it a "paint"ing when you're using all kinds of goop?) I'd imagine the pigeons' flight shadows making rust stains, or the rust flying off the wall.

  Mid-pigeon  "Becoming", from the Chicago Underpass Art series  


New Work!

I still have previous work coming back to visit all the time, and at the same time I am working on 3 new series, which I will be releasing over the next week or so. Stay tuned for:

  • Valentiron Hearts 
  • Chicago City Grunge (skylines & Chicago-specific art)
  • Texture canvases

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram, and I use Pinterest to collect ideas so there's a few interesting folders in there as well.

Have a great day!