Hot & Pretty

Beyond the regular faux finish - this is where you bring in the arty touch. Textures such as acrylic plaster (like the stuff we use for venetian plaster), metallics, bead mixes, metallic plasters, special patina & aging paints… bringing it all together? Well that’s just fabulous. All kinds of cool goop smoothed and mooshed together to make happy stuff.


Recently: Lincoln Birch, a sideways approach that worked out quite well. The clients turned the grunge sample sideways & said “ah - Birch!”. But it’s quite the urban funky glam version, thank you very much.


This is a great finish for a feature wall, if not the whole room. Interior, easily repairable, color combo’s customizable to suit the mood & requirements of client & room.


Who's going to want it? Someone fairly hip & urban, as it goes nicely with exposed beams, brick, and ducting. This finish has transitional possibilities from lightweight mix thru heavy rusting, maybe incorporate some delightful decorative elements such as gunky old gears, long stains running down a section of a wall (in a color that nicely matches the bedspread, of course), or pigeons!