Got Your Back(splash)

Regular paint, tile, epoxy finish, scrubbable.

Whatever your surface - if it can take some kind of primer we're good to go. We can even go over those old shiny tiles.

So now the big hard question just becomes: what are your wildest backsplash dreams? What would rock your boat and give you an extra dose of happy while you're chopping your carrots? Do you run towards classic? Tumbled marble and some favorite culinary sights? Fine Art? The Hubble space telescope? Or maybe something a little more modern?

I'm a bit of a geek for adhesion & durability. I like to put a nice sealing coat on - and we can even get a vertical-friendly epoxy if you are a serious scrubber. Tumbled marble can be painted on or off site, installed, grouted, touched up & sealed. Serious primer is available to adhere to those nice 1950's ceramic tiles... and like I said, once we're primed we're good to go.