A Meditation On Grit

Grit, Passion and Hope.

I’d like to ask for your help in spreading some small happinesses.

This Saturday is “Reach As High As You Can” Day. 

Hope is Powerful. We all have goals and aspirations. Things we reach for. However, we often get overwhelmed by the immensity of the problems and tasks in front of us that only seem to multiply as we struggle to make headway.

Yet we have to keep reaching. We need that hope. I do, you do. 

You have to keep taking as many large and small steps forward as you can. Every day. You have to keep going and persevering and taking each small step and each small win as a moment of joy and celebration.

And that fierce joy in the small steps forward is where I get my kicks.

My name is Paula Clayton, and I am an Artist here in Chicago. I love sharing my work with others, being a part of the great feedback loop with the richness of life and spirit that we create when our work and passions come together.

Chicago is a city of passions and grit. Here you can see passion written in grit - texture, rust, grime and drippy trails of stained paint. Do you read the poetry and metaphors of the underpass’s weathered and worn surfaces?

You can see the stories rust stains tell as they cross a wall… of steel and rain and slow erosion. You can see the political conversations between swelling oxidization and peeling paint. You walk beside the marches of efflorescence: migrating vapor and soluble salts. You stand in the theatre of the streets and skyscrapers: dramas of industry, success, fiery destruction and flair in rebuilding rise around you.

When you pass by stories like these do you appreciate them? It is easy to get caught up in our worries and daily lives. Sometimes you just need a nudge to remind you that even though things are not perfect you can enjoy those small moments and flights of fancy.

Take a look around you - there are reminders everywhere that you have all kinds of strength in the face of adversity. You can find beauty and nature, even when you are surrounded by the concrete jungle.

There is peace here. Even in a pile of dirt, built up at the edge of the underpass. It’s a collection of souvenirs. Trash and stones and cigarette butts have landed here one after the other, marking time together, day in, day out.

My gift to you: a short meditation...  <<m4a audio track here>>

Imagine that pile sitting there in different weathers. Imagine seeing that pile at different times of the day, hear the noise levels changing, feel the occasional additions of dust and trash, slow decay of the organic and paper elements in the lower levels. You are imagining the reality of the trash, you are feeling an echo of the inorganic world's sense of time. Slower, quieter, more enduring. You are taken into a different timeframe when you do this. You are moved beyond your human impatience. When you come back into yourself the hustle around you seems smaller by comparison. Transient.  It’s no big deal, you can hack it. You have perspective.

So keep reaching, keep imaging, and keep grounding yourself in whatever small delights move you.

And let me know if there is any way I can be a part of the large or small moments that motivate you.

When you show people your spirit, when you translate your fierce pride in your skills and talents into an emotional vision, then you reach people. Art is wonderful way to cross the barriers of words, to show that you care and are invested in this passion.

See my work here at www.inajungle.biz, and feel free to give me a call or email to share contacts, ideas, or thoughts on a project.

In the mean time - stay tuned!

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This Saturday is “Reach As High As You Can” day… small happinesses add up, share them and see them raising the sky.