Craft Fairs and Email Newsletter

One of the things Jenny & I have been doing to this end is attending art & craft fairs. I'm set up with drop cloths and some kind of easel painting whatever I'm working on lately. Jenny fields earring sales & the newsletter sign-up. We meet people, get their response to work... see what people get excited about. Our big aim isn't to sell, but to collect email addresses of folk who may have some interest in arty stuff.

We can show the originals and reproductions together

and display Day-Job stuff like pics of murals and samples of faux finishes

We drew another raffle this weekend ... this one having the prize of a free print. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO NIKKI!  Who won the free print!

And while I was painting, that wasn't the main attraction.

We'd just seen the booth space the night before & when I looked up there was a nice strong pole running along the ceiling with curtain rings on it. Aha! Jenny's parents recently showed us some fun silly pics of them posing as Superman & Wonder Woman with cut-outs. So when we got home I whipped out the Tyvek, sewed a couple of sleeves, sketched in some characters, then painted the outlines the next morning. We set up in the morning & I finished coloring in. It's goofy, and not High Art, but it was loads of fun!